Pre-launch Sale - MY Birthday cake (English) / 我的无敌蛋糕!(Chinese)

Greetings! As we welcome spring in the Year of the Pig, our next book is ready to rock. Odelia is in a dilemma when, for the first time, she is given the freedom to decide on her birthday cake. It is a big thing for a preschooler. Excitement soon turns into anxiety when Odelia realises making decisions are not as easy as it seems to be. Will Odelia be able to find a perfect cake for herself? This lovely picture book explores the mind of a child in decision making, while working within limitations. Yummy Pre-launch Sale To sweeten the deal, we are extending a pre-launch book sale at a price of S$9.90 (U.P. S$12.90)! Get a bundle set (1 English version and 1 Chinese version) at S$18/-. This pr

Coming Soon! MY Birthday Cake - <<我的无敌蛋糕!>>

End of last year, the team behind Oops Odelia had some trouble determining the Chinese title of our next book "MY Birthday Cake" and decided to turn to our readers for help. Running a Facebook Voting Contest, we shared the 3 titles we had trouble agreeing on and opened the contest for participation to readers in both Singapore and Malaysia. We received a total of 35 valid Facebook account entries before end 23 Dec 2018 and *drums roll* we conclude the Chinese title of our new book as - <<我的无敌蛋糕!>>. Taking this opportunity, we thank everyone who participated in our contest. We feel very blessed and grateful for the support from our readers. Do keep a lookout for our new book end January and o

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