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1-to-1 Enrichment / Class Booking
(March 2023 - at GRAM'S Learning Centre)

Need us to work on your child's English or Chinese proficiency? A paper that your child has difficulties in getting through or a topic where he/she is showing interest in and would like to learn more about? Check out our 1-to-1 sessions at GRAM'S during the school break.

  • English (1-to-1) slots here

  • Chinese (1-to-1) slots here

Please indicate the areas where you would like us to work on with your child (e.g. Oral, Comprehension, Composition, Current Affairs, Topic of Interest) under the field "Anything else that you would like to share with us". Thank you.​

Note: In the event classes are unable to be held at the centre due to development of the Covid-19 Safe Transition measures, classes will be held live online at the pre-booked time slot via ZOOM. The class code/password will be sent to your registered email address.


*Full payment required for booking confirmation*


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