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Odelia is a reflection of our children. Like many children, she often finds herself in 'Oops' situations, having to manage her emotions and thoughts, and trying to make 'sound' decisions while growing up. So her behaviour, questions, worries, fears, sources of happiness are similar to our children. Her Chinese name is 乐恩.

We hope the parents will enjoy the quality time spent with their children – both reading the book and having a meaningful follow-up conversation thereafter. There are just so many conversations that can spark from Oops Odelia, from discussing the other possible “Oops” situations that a child may face, to coming up with various possible problem-solving solutions, or learn about the character-building values in the stories. 

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Simple stories, conversation starters

MY Birthday Cake (我的无敌蛋糕!)

January 01, 2019

Do you know?

The Chinese title of this book is determined through voting by the readers!

About the book

Odelia is in a dilemma when, for the first time, she is given the freedom to decide on her birthday cake. It is a big thing for a preschooler. Excitement soon turns into anxiety when Odelia realises making decisions are not as easy as it seems to be as indecisiveness set in. Will Odelia be able to find a perfect cake for herself? This lovely picture book explores the mind of a child in decision making, while working within limitations.

English Version: ISBN 978-981-14-0126-8

Chinese Version: ISBN 978-981-14-0362-0

$12.90 each (comes with local mail delivery)

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It is Okay to Shout (喊喊也无妨)

July 31, 2018

Do you know?

This is our first book. It is special because it was based on a true encounter, with the actual words from the characters incorporated into the book. 

About the book

Odelia was heading home with her mind filled with excited thoughts about celebrating her birthday when something happened. This will be a good book to introduce your kids to consider the situations when shouting would be appropriate, and when it would be inappropriate.

English Version: ISBN 978-981-11-7438-4

Chinese Version: ISBN 978-981-11-7520-6 (Sold out)

$5.90 each (includes normal mail delivery)

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*Free registered mail delivery (within Singapore only) for orders above $25

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