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I know I can (我也办得到) - Oops Odelia Series

The comic strips are based on real life examples where small acts of extending a helping hand can be conveniently exercised whoever you are, wherever you are, and whenever you are able to.

A simple conversation starter with Junior to discuss altruism.

No Text Version (updated 15 May)

Following feedback from our readers, we included the 'no text' version to download for more fun!

Oops Odelia _I know I can

English Version

I know I can_Oops Odelia by GRAM'S Learning

Chinese Version

我也办得到_ Oops Odelia by GRAM'S Learning

Get our free downloadable comic strips from the links below:-

It is a great colouring activity for Junior too!

About Oops Odelia

Odelia is a character created as part of our character building curriculum at GRAM’S Learning Centre. She is a reflection of our children, how she goes about managing emotions and reacting to the “Oops” situations she gets herself into, and out of. Our goal is for children to grow up and be empowered to make informed choices, and take responsibilities for them.

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