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Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)

Mid Autumn Festival zhongqiujie_Moon by Jetty Koh

Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner. The actual day is on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month in the Lunar calendar. This year, it falls on 13 September 2019 (Friday). It is believed that the moon will be the brightest on this day of the year.

Originally, Mid-Autumn (or 中秋 as directly translated) was a day (or should we say, night) dedicated more towards worshiping the Moon and giving thanks for summer crop harvest. As families and communities gathered for the occasion over the years, it gradually turned into a festival for celebration.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is built on the classic Chinese legend of Hou Yi and Chang E. Today, making or carrying lanterns, eating moon cakes and even drinking tea gradually became part of the festive traditions that are passed down in relation to this celebration.

We have included in this post a free Mid-Autumn colouring activity sheet contributed and illustrated by Xu Laoshi (许老师).

你能认出在图片中与中秋节有关的事物吗?by Jetty Koh

You can also download the colouring activity sheet for free here.

We hope your child will like it and have fun identifying the Mid-Autumn elements on the colouring sheet.

Taking this time, we also wish our readers a Happy Mid-Autumn in advance!

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