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Oops Odelia Kids-Friendly Merch

As we usher into the new year, our journey with Oops Odelia takes a new turn as our works and stories make their way into the merch market through ZTB Labs.

Embracing the playful side of life, we are committed to turning the kids-friendly designs from Oops Odelia to infuse magic into the lives of everyone—whether young or the young-at-heart. The designs celebrate 'Oops' or meme moments, laughter, and growth, spreading joy, style, and, on occasion, a sprinkle of English language fun to all.

And so, we couldn't have chosen a better way to reach out to new markets than with ZTB Labs - a doxxed team hard at work, powered by passion in what they do.

So, what does ZTB Labs do?

ZTB Labs has its curated collection of fun, unique, and funny gifts for all occasions, customizable on the Etsy platform. Shipment to Singapore is approximately from S$15 to $40, depending on the items you buy. For some of the items you are buying as a gift, you'll be pleased to know that they will be offering a gift-wrapping service in the works, and you can add a personalized message along with the purchase.

Its founders are a group of long-time friends hailing from diverse backgrounds who came together as avid gamers "back in those days."

In their own words:

"The name of our store, 'Zoomer to Boomer,' encapsulates our aspiration to bring the joy we experience within our tight-knit group to a wider audience. At our core, we simply love 'building cool stuff.' We've curated a collection of uniquely themed, affordable, and fun products that cater to a broad spectrum of customers, from the tech-savvy Zoomer generation to the wise and experienced Boomers."

~ Joe Czarny (aka ElderKarl), Co-Founder of ZTB Labs.

On the other hand, Oops Odelia is a character that encapsulates the essence of childhood experiences and growth. See how it closes the loop? 🤓

The first design series is our tongue-in-cheek comic strip play with homophones, and we cannot wait to see the next one up in their shop. Check out the link here.

Ready to add a touch of whimsy to your child's wardrobe? Join us in the fun, and let's go!


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