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It aims at :

CompreGRAM is a novel strategy designed by our MOE certified educators which helps your child master English and/or Chinese in a meaningful manner through comprehension, composition, and oral pratice.


Our Chinese programme follows the MOE Primary 1 Chinese Syllabus. Focuses on

 listening and oral skills, hanyu pinyin, and recognizing age appropriate Chinese characters. Through story-telling and game sessions, we ignite the students' interest

and the love for the language.

Pre Primary CompreGRAM - Chinese (华文)

2024 Schedule 

Pre-primary (ages 5 - 6):
Wednesdays: 2.00pm - 3.00pm (new class)
Sundays: 9am - 10am 

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-17 at 3.36.17 PM.jpeg

- Learning through different monthly themes and stories


- Developing listening and oral skills


- Sight Word Recognition (everyday-use Chinese Characters)


- Reading and writing age appropriate strokes (笔画) / Chinese Characters


- Sentence contruction using the Chinese characters learnt


- Grasping of hanyu pinyin (for older preschoolers)




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