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About Us

We are a group of dedicated educators who believe firmly in holistic education.

To us, every child is unique with boundless potential that can be developed through the meticulously planned programmes. At GRAM'S, we aim to develop not just your child's academic excellence but also enjoy the process of learning, and character building through boutique learning.

Our Philosophy

We believe in process-based learning in a small class size setting to develop one's language, creativity & character.

Process-based Learning & Character Building as core of our programmes

Our People



CompreGRAM (Chinese) – Programme Developer



Growing up in a Chinese-speaking family, 朱老师 fell in love with the language, traditions and customs from a very young age.  Cementing her passion for the language and working with children, 朱老师 went on to pursue her PGDE (Chinese) in NIE after graduating from NUS. She joined GRAM’S Learning Centre in 2012 after teaching in primary schools for several years. Her education in NUS enables her to incorporate English in the teaching of Chinese language which allows the students to learn and understand the language effectively. Beneath her soft demeanour is a passionate educator who strives to develop a fun and engaging Chinese curriculum that is not only in line with the MOE syllabus, but also interesting to the children. 

 Mr M. Farhan Ishak

CompreGRAM (English) – Programme Developer


Editor - Oops Odelia  


“Books open doors that you had never imagined.”

Mr Farhan joined GRAM’S Learning Centre as an English programme developer in 2012 after a decade of teaching in primary schools. Working with children has been a lifelong passion as he has been tutoring since he was in secondary school. He believes that reading is the bedrock to mastering the English language. Learning is something that Mr Farhan takes very seriously as he has not stopped studying new skills to broaden his experience; from pursuing a degree in Journalism to professional photography.  He brings a unique perspective to the lessons as he is one who understands that learning must not only be subjected to the classroom and worksheets but also one’s pursuit of their desires and dreams. 

Ms Sann Choo

PictoGRAM (Art) – Programme Developer



Illustrator - Oops Odelia  

“Let your painting says that thousand words.”

Ms Sann’s love for the visual arts was influenced by her father from young, who used to be a regular contributor in the local newspaper for his comic strips. Ms Sann received both Singapore Press Holdings and Ngee Ann Kongsi scholarship during her years while she studied in NAFA. Thereafter, she graduated a Second Class Upper Honours majoring in Graphic Communications from the Loughborough University. She worked as a graphic designer in the advertising & events industries. Ms Sann enjoys working with children and took on the calling to teach at GRAM’S Learning, creating a specialised Art curriculum for children that aim to eventually help every child develop his or her individual art style through a theme-based process learning experience.

Ms Jean Chu

GooeyGRAM (Preschool Learning) – Programme Developer

“I believe that every child is a unique individual and strive to make a difference in their lives.”

Ms. Jean started her teaching journey in 2006 as a Team Teacher in an international kindergarten before moving on to a private preschool, taking on the role of a Senior Teacher. She graduated with a Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Education and went on to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with Wheelock College (focused in Literacy) in 2013. Ms. Jean especially enjoys making learning fun for children by incorporating various hands-on sensorial activities into learning the English language for young children and thus, created the signature GooeyGRAM – Phonics Fun programme at GRAM’S Learning. Specializing in reading and writing, she also helms the CompreGRAM English classes for the Pre-Primary and the P1/P2s. Her approach, characterized by passion and gentle firmness, creates a fun and effective learning environment for young children, leaving a lasting impact on their educational journey.

Our Articles


" Would like to thank GRAM'S, Mr Farhan's guidance in his studies. He got AL 1 for his English."

Ethan's Mummy

CompreGRAM Parent

"...I love Oops Odelia series so much (this is her second title with the first being 'It is Okay to Shout') because of the many underlying messages and lessons in their stories! And with it being a local publication, our children could well relate the tales to their every day lives and events! Win! So close to home and heart! Best!"

Umiei** (Instagram)

on 'MY Birthday Cake' by Oops Odelia

" Thanks to you, Mr Farhan & Teacher Jean for the patience & encouragement towards him. I am proud of him too. "


 Jerome's Mummy

CompreGRAM Parent

" 老师,我要告诉您我的考试考得很好。我的阅读理解得了6/7!妈妈和我都很开心。谢谢您的帮助!. "


CompreGRAM Student

" Hi,just wanted to let you know Nic did very well for comprehension section. I think she lost 2-3 marks there. From just passing to this...Amazing...Big thanks! "


Nicole's Mummy

CompreGRAM Parent

" Hi Jean, thanks for teaching Chloe so well. She has so much more confidence in her English how. She told me she really enjoyed her English classes."

Chloe's Mommy

CompreGRAM Parent

" Thank you so much in helping the children recognize words the children's way; fun and stress free. I am learning to recognise the words too. You make word recognition so much easier. I am really glad that I found you, but a little sad I didn't start Rianne earlier. :) "

Rianne's Mummy

Pre-Pri Chinese CompreGRAM Parent

" Thanks Farhan, for the years of nurturing"

Eigil's Mummy

CompreGRAM Parent

" .. Praise God that it was good enough to return to MGS. Thanks for all your support. She scored an A for her Chinese!

Veronica's Mummy

CompreGRAM Parent

"... I now know why he like the class so much, teacher Jean is great, and there are a lot of fun actitvities in the class, not just reading or writing."

Xavier's Mummy

GooeyGRAM Parent

"Many thanks for sharing the photos. Kokone really enjoys your art class."

Kokone's Mummy

PictoGRAM (Art) Parent

"Read the book just last week to the kids in view of ayah's birthday but never got the chance to make pancakes for his birthday. Today, he's got the cravings for pancakes and birthday boy made us pancakes for breakfast instead. Inspired by Oops Odelia."

Norfaezan F***** (from Facebook)

on "MY Birthday Cake" by Oops Odelia

"Yes, it's okay to shout in certain situations and I want my kiddos to know that."

oh********wanda (Instagram)

on "It's Okay to Shout" by Oops Odelia

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