GooeyGRAM is a monthly-themed programme that helps children build a strong foundation of the English language through a variety of books driven by childrens' interests, building their oratorical skills and reinforcing phonetical sounds. In this programme, children will be exposed to a variety of messy and sensorial activities to enhance their learning experiences. Meaningfully planned outdoor experiences will also be conducted on a bi-termly basis.


It aims at :

- Learning language through "Book of the Month"


- Equipping and reinforcing basic phonetical sounds/ initial letter names


- Fostering creative development through different art mediums


- Developing children cognitively


- Enhancing motor skills​


- Encouraging socio-emotional development


​- Instilling the love of reading from young



Last Book of the Month of 2020

Night Lights

 By Susan Gal

4 Weekly Classes 

Sundays from 29 Nov to 20 Dec

2020 Schedule

GooeyGRAM (Ages 3 - 5 ) 

Sundays : 10.15am - 11.30am

*Term Programme available for preschools/childcare on weekdays. 

Beauty World Centre (Bukit Timah)


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