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About Oops Odelia 

Odelia is a reflection of our children. Her thoughts, actions, experiences, and words will not be unfamiliar to those growing up in the Garden City.
Like many children, she often finds herself in 'Oops' situations, having to manage her emotions and thoughts, and trying to make 'sound' decisions while growing up. Odelia became a part of our team in 2015.

Please feel free to download the materials from this Oops Odelia section on our website for educational purposes. We hope that the “Oops” situations that Odelia gets herself in will spark engaging conversations between the parents/educators and their children. We take the opportunity to thank our parents, friends and readers for your encouragement and candid feedback on our work.

We started out creating class materials for GRAM’S as part of our language curriculum, and incorporate character-building values within the content from time to time. To make it more lively and engaging, especially for young learners, we injected the character Odelia (and her illustration) when designing some of our class materials to make it more fun and relatable to the young readers.

Oops Odelia will be taking a hiatus from book-making for a while. While book-making is on hold for now, please continue to keep an eye out for our free educational resources and materials right here.


Author Series Workshops (Preschools / Private Sessions)

Fun facts about Odelia

  • Odelia has an inverted heart-shape nose.

  • Odelia loves chocolate, but is suspicious about coffee.

  • Odelia has a collection of black/white comic series, stories, and other engaging activities for preschoolers.

  • All of Oops Odelia stories are angled to serve as conversation openers to facilitate further discussions with children.

  • The gender of Odelia's younger sibling (Baby) is not disclosed in the Oops Odelia Stories.

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Free Educational Resources / Printables

Oops Odelia_Hair_homophones2_edited.jpg

Fun with Homophones

[Oops Odelia's Comic Series] What's a homophone?

Make your guesses with the help of the comics strips in this entry 

Sherlock at Home CHI_cover (2).jpg



Listen to the Chinese version of Sherlock at Home on our Youtube channel

Sann at the Pan_edited_edited.jpg

Odelia's 1st #BuySingLit event - Shaping Oops Odelia

Check out our IG Highlights here

02-Coming out of your ears_Idiom_Odelia

Idioms that describe situations you are facing 

4 idioms that can describe the situations you are in using different parts of your face




This will be a good story to start an age-appropriate conversation with your child considering the situations when shouting would be appropriate, and when it would be inappropriate.

List the nouns.JPG

List the nouns you can find in Baby's room

Nouns are words used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things. How many nouns can you find in the picture?


Chinese Synonyms for 5 common day-to-day emotions

5 common emotions we experience in in our daily lives and its associated Chinese synonyms

Soggy Greens vs Apple Pie_Oops Odelia_ed

3 Poems that sparkle mojo to help children develop their sense of humour

Sometimes, poems can be the perfect humour pill!

Odelia was over the moon when she knew t

Idioms that describe feelings

Suitable for preschoolers and up!


Sherlock at Home

(English/Chinese) Book Activities

To add more fun when reading, we now have some free printable(s) that you can download and do with your children

2019-03 AGirlSecretPoem_edited.jpg

A Little Girl's Secret

A message to all children:

Take pride in knowing your likes and dislikes; grow up with a beautiful heart and mind.


I know I can


A simple conversation starter with Junior to discuss altruism.

2016-08 When it is okay not to Share_Oop

When it is Okay NOT to share

A simple conversation starter with Junior about sharing - situations where sharing is good and when it is actually appropriate not to share

For copyright issues :​

  • Feel free to use the materials for educational purposes.

  • Do credit us when using our materials with: 'From Oops Odelia, © GRAM'S Learning Centre'

  • Do ask permission if you are using Oops Odelia content for commercial purposes. Please get in touch with our team to see if we can work something out 

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