About Oops Odelia 

Odelia is a reflection of our children. Her thoughts, actions, experiences, and words will not be unfamiliar to those growing up in the Garden City. Like many children, she often finds herself in 'Oops' situations, having to manage her emotions and thoughts, and trying to make 'sound' decisions while growing up. Odelia became a part of our team in 2015.

Please feel free to download the materials from this Oops Odelia section on our website for educational purposes. We hope that the “Oops” situations that Odelia gets herself in will spark engaging conversations between the parents/educators and their children. We take the opportunity to thank our parents, friends and readers for your encouragement and candid feedback on our work from time to time.


We started out creating class materials for GRAM’S as part of our language curriculum, and incorporate character-building values within the content from time to time. To make it more lively and engaging, especially for young learners, we injected the character Odelia (and her illustration) when designing some of our class materials to make it more fun and relatable to the young readers.

Meet-the-Author Sessions / Workshops

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Fun facts about Odelia

  • Odelia has an inverted heart-shape nose.

  • Odelia loves chocolate, but is suspicious about coffee.

  • Odelia has a collection of black/white comic series, stories, and other engaging activities for preschoolers.

  • All of Oops Odelia stories are angled to serve as conversation openers to facilitate further discussions with children.

  • The gender of Odelia's younger sibling (Baby) is not disclosed in the Oops Odelia Stories.

The series of Odelia

Chinese Synonyms for 5 common day-to-day emotions

November 05, 2019

Check out Odelia's expressions and see if you can guess her emotions!


A Little Girl's Secret

March 28, 2019

Guess who?

To all the girls out there who likes blue, race cars, and/or dinosaurs.


You are not alone.


Take pride in knowing your likes and dislikes; grow up with a beautiful heart and mind. 

Hope you like the poem :)

Odelia's 1st #BuySingLit event - Shaping Oops Odelia

March 08, 2019

On 9 Mar 2019, we held our first #BuySingLit event with Oops Odelia.

The programme started with a storytelling session using Odelia's second book, "MY Birthday Cake" before moving into the highlight of the workshop - illustrating with pancake batter!

After the demonstration by Sann, the illustrator of the book, we were pleasantly surprised to see many children going back to illustrate Odelia in between creating their own masterpieces using chocolate and buttermilk batter. Odelia's features are about simplicity and it was heartening to see that even the little ones were able to create versions of their own Odelia.

We are thankful to all who came and spent their afternoon with us. Hope everyone enjoyed the unhurried family time and shopping for local books at the mini bazaar. 

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