GRAM'S Pick - Top 5 Idioms to describe feelings (for Kids)

Idioms are expressions that do not exactly mean what the words say.

Here are 5 of our favourite picks!

(1) Feeling Blue

What it means


How to use it

Odelia was feeling blue after she lost her favourite toy.

(2) Under the Weather

What it means

Ill or sick

How to use it

Odelia needs to stay at home as she is feeling under the weather today.

(3) Over the Moon

What it means

Excited, happy

How to use it

Odelia was over the moon when she learnt that her parents were going to bring her on a holiday soon.

(4) Hopping Mad

What it means

Very angry

How to use it

Odelia was hopping mad when she found out that her younger brother had doodled all over her homework.

(5) Butterflies in my Stomach

What it means

Nervous, scared

How to use it

Odelia felt butterflies in her stomach when she was waiting for her turn to perform on stage.

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