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A Little Girl's Secret

This post is dedicated to all the girls out there who likes blue, race cars, and/or dinosaurs.

You are not alone.

Take pride in knowing your likes and dislikes; grow up with a beautiful heart and mind.

Many boys like cars,

Race cars, trains and dinosaurs... Shh!

So do I.

But playing with them in front of friends

Makes me feel really shy.

“That’s a boy’s toy.”

Ollie told me.

Many boys like blue

Blue clothes, blue stuff and blue some more... Shh!

So do I.

Blue is my favourite

There is no reason why.

“That’s for boys.”

Kayden told me.

Is it really okay

To like the things many boys like?

But! But! But!

I am not a boy.

Dolls, bricks, puzzles and sticks

I like them too

But my friends don't see...

And so

I keep this a secret

My special toys at home

Play, only alone...

Till one day

Mama told me

“That’s pretty cool”

And she played with me

Her greys showed her wisdom

Her actions comforted me

Perhaps one other day

I will iron out my thinking

Until then

A secret still it will be

~ Yvonne Teo

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