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When it is okay NOT to share - Oops Odelia Series

Recommended for Preschoolers (ages 3 & up)/ Lower Primary

This is the first of our Oops Odelia comic strip series. We hope you would find it useful. It could also serve as a conversation starter with Junior about sharing.

If you could, give some examples from your personal experience and encourage Junior to think of situations where sharing is good and when it is actually appropriate not to share.

About Oops Odelia

Odelia is a character created as part of our character building curriculum at GRAM’S Learning Centre. She is a reflection of our children, how she goes about managing emotions and reacting to the “Oops” situations she gets herself into, and out of. Our goal is for children to grow up and be empowered to make informed choices, and take responsibilities for them.

English Version

Chinese Version

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