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Fun with English - Guess the phrases from the illustrations (with 'eye' in them)

Much of our perception comes from what our eyes see. It is often said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. No wonder there are many English phrases, idioms and proverbs around that has the word 'eye' in them.

Inspired by rebus puzzles, here are 6 of our picks created with our own illustrations. Can you guess the following English phrases from the illustrations? Slide to view the answer and its meaning. You are going to need a keen eye for this 🤭.

Here is the first one!

Here is the second one!

Here's a loveable one!

The fourth one!

This one is a bit tricky, as it is not so commonly used. Look carefully at the illustration for a hint!

Last but not least...

We hope you have had fun in guessing with your children as we have had fun creating this. Free printable(s) for the illustrations are available below. Do credit us when using them for educational purposes.

Fun with (Eye) English Phrases_gramslearning
Download PDF • 1.23MB

Feel free to share and tag us if you liked this. :)

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