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GRAM'S Pick - Top 4 Idioms to describe situations you are facing that include parts of your face

The characters in your story often end up facing different situations.

Throw in an idiom in your writing to describe it!

Here are our top 4 picks of idioms that use parts of your face.

(1) See eye to eye

What it means

In agreement

Oops Odelia Idiom - See eye to eye

How to use it

  • Odelia was glad she had found someone who saw eye to eye on the issue of underage smoking.

  • George believed that it was important to see eye to eye on how to run the concert.

(2) Coming out of (someone’s) ears

What it means

Having too much of something/abundant

Oops Odelia Idiom - Coming out of (someone's) ears

How to use it

  • Odelia had so much homework that it was coming out of her ears.

  • Like something straight from the movies, Adam inherited a huge fortune from a multi-millionaire uncle and had money coming out of his ears.

(3) Right under (someone’s) nose

What it means

In plain sight

Oops Odelia Idiom - Right Under (someone's) nose

How to use it

  • Odelia found the Math test surprisingly easy; the answers were right under her nose.

  • The stolen diamond ring was never removed from the thief’s home all along. It was hidden right under our noses!

(4) Written all over (someone’s) face

What it means

Plainly visible

Oops Odelia Idiom - Written All Over (someone's) face

How to use it

  • Excitement was written all over the children’s faces as they boarded the yellow bus for the excursion.

  • Although Mama did not cry, I could see the heartache written all over her face as she held my hand.


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