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Please note that we have a NO HOMEWORK policy for our CompreGRAM ENG/CHI language classes at GRAM'S.

To our students reading this:

If you have free time in between, pick up a book and read!

If there is something from class that caught your interest, you are welcome to find out and read more about it!

What do we want from your child then?

  • Greet us warmly when you are here. ^v^

  • Grab a book to read, ask us for paper to doodle on, or simply take a moment to be at ease with yourself while waiting for class to start.

  • We ask for your child's commitment to give his or her best in class. 



We reserve our right to respectfully request your child to bring unfinished work from class back for completion should the need arises. :)

No Homework Policy @ GRAM'S

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