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[New Blog Post - Different Tones, Different Meanings]

Have fun with the power of tone in the Chinese language with these examples. A slight change in pitch can alter the meaning of a word or phrase completely. 

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[Spotlight - GooeyGRAM Phonics Fun]

for ages 3 to 5

Discover GooeyGRAM Phonics Fun, where every preschooler's adventure begins! From 'Book of the Month' explorations to mastering speech, phonetics, and arts, we spark joy in learning and foster cognitive and emotional growth. Ignite a love for reading and watch as your child's imagination and skills flourish. Join us today!

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Opening hours at the centre 

The physical opening hours at the centre have been shortened as some of our classes are now online. We are still contactable online so do drop us a message from the website, or DM us on Facebook / Instagram. Please refer to the updated opening hours here.

~The Grammies

English/Chinese Tuition Classes for Primary School

English classes, Chinese classes, Art Classes at bukit timah

“Every GRAM makes a difference.”

Small Class Size  |  No Registration & Material Fees  |   Unique Teaching Pedagogy  | Qualified Educators   |   Interactive and Fun-filled Learning Environment 

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