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Reflections on GRAM'S Free Books Project

On 12 March 2016, GRAM’S embarked on its third community project in as many years.

Books for Free was a success and just don’t take it from us, teachers – read what two of our volunteers have to say about it.

Anton Johansson - 10 years old

“It felt awesome to be out of the classroom to help in the project. I was tasked to assist the passers-by who had stopped by and wanted to know what GRAM’S was up to. I advertised a few books as well and it was interesting to note the expressions of the passers-by when they learnt that all the books on display were for free! I believe it is very important for us children to be involved in community projects as it connects us to the community that we are in. It helps to ground us better. From the experience, I’ve learnt that I have to be more sociable. I have always thought that I was a friendly person but after having to speak to complete strangers, I realise that there’s a part of me which just wants to bolt and hide! I hope GRAM’S will continue doing its part for the community and for 2017, it would be a great idea if the children’s art pieces can be put up for sale for the benefit of a Home. GRAM’S could also get some students to walk around Beauty World Centre to spread the word about the project.”

Jerome Samy - 11 years old

“Helping out with the community project, I feel that I was a part of something bigger. It was an experience that I truly enjoyed as I was able to use what I’ve learnt in class and apply it in a real-life situation – conversing with people and discussing books! Although this is the third community project that I have been involved with GRAM’S, I still could feel the surge of excitement. I was tasked to assist with giving away free books and encouraging the passers-by to stop and check out the free books on display. This activity is very important to me and I feel it is important to all children too as all of us could learn how to communicate effectively. The experience that I’ve gained from the activity gives me more confidence and I will definitely want to be a part of such activities in the future. Probably in 2017, GRAM’S could give away pre-loved toys instead!”

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