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Find Oops Odelia in Two New Places

Starting 1 Mar 2020, our journey with Oops Odelia takes on a new turn as our books are made available at two locally-owned boutique e-bookstores that specialize in children's books.

Being effectively bilingual, the founders of these two bookstores carry children books in English, and their mother tongues. What's more, the books are handpicked by the owners themselves! You will find them hard at work, powered by passion in what they do.

So, who are we working with?




Owl Readers Club

Image credit: Owl Readers Club

We were first attracted to them because of their name.

"Our Readers Club".

Oh. Love the pun intended.

Owl Readers Club has a curated collection of unique English and Chinese books, specifically picked to encourage families to cultivate good reading habits.

If you are buying a book as a gift, you would be pleased to know that they offer gift wrapping service and you can add a personalized message along with the purchase.

There is also a dedicated tab on their website to "Support Local!" where Singapore's literature are featured. In their own words:

"We are proud to be part of Singapore Inc and there is no better way to show it then to showcase some of the best children's books written and/or illustrated by our local talent." ~ Melissa & Chien Herr, Founders of Owl Readers Club

They also offer a book concierge service under their Star Owl membership. Find out more about them here.

Little Lit Kid

Little Lit Kid caught our eye as a down-to-earth bookstore that celebrates bilingualism. They also have learning resources like flip card sets to aid language learning in young children. Much of their children's literature are from South-East Asia, with some translated from Thai and Indonesian authors.

From time to time, they run school book fairs and kids-friendly book events outside.

The founder, Ms Yana is an ardent reader of children's books, not just English books, but also Malay books. In her own words:

"I wanted kids to not only be fluent and an avid reader of English children's literature, but in their mother tongue language as well." ~ Yana, Founder of Little Lit Kid

Similarly, Little Lit Kid handpicks and carries English books from local authors too!

You can read more about them here.

Just like how we encourage children to read widely at GRAM'S, Owl Readers Club and Little Lit Kid's run behind the philosophy that reading from young help children develop a love for languages. It is a blessing to work with like-minded businesses and so, let's rock 2020!

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