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Get Creative with Our "Would You Rather" Writing Prompts!

Dive into the world of creativity and imagination with our exciting "Would You Rather" writing prompts! Designed to spark the creative flair in every child, these prompts are tailored to make the process of writing enjoyable and engaging.

Here's what your young writers can explore:

Cycle around Sentosa Island vs. Hike up Bukit Timah Hill:

Encourage your child to embark on an outdoor adventure, either cycling around Sentosa Island's sunny shores or hiking up the trails of Bukit Timah Hill. What kind of adventure awaits? Let their imagination run wild as they craft tales of exploration.

Be able to Fly vs Be Invisible:

In a world where magic exists, which extraordinary power would your child choose? Allow them to invent extraordinary adventures, whether soaring high above the clouds or sneaking through the shadows unseen.

Spend a night at Gardens by the Bay vs Spend a night at the Zoo:

Prompt them to consider the impact of their choices or the possibilities that lie ahead in a night adventure. Will they be surrounded by the magical glow of supertrees or the nighttime chorus of animals?

Have lunch with the Red Lions vs Have Lunch with the Zookeeper:

Would they rather share a meal with a fearless Red Lion skydiver or a knowledgeable Zookeeper? Inspire stories of friendship, responsibility, and occupational choices. Encourage them to imagine the conversations, the lessons learnt, and the bonds formed during these unique lunchtime experiences.

Feel free to download our printable activity sheets below and watch as your child’s creativity takes flight! There are no limits to their imagination—only endless possibilities waiting to be explored.

Oops Odelia_Would You Rather_Writing Prompt Activity
Download PDF • 6.09MB

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