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Oops Odelia at #BuySingLit 2020 [Original Programmes Cancelled]

[Updated on 7 Apr 2020 - With a heavy heart, we regret to inform that both our original programmes for #BuySingLit this year have been cancelled in view of the development of the Covid-19 situation in Singapore. Tickets sales have all been fully refunded to the ticket holders. We are in the midst of preparing a FREE FOR ALL (digital) Stay Home Singlit experience end of April. More details will be made known when confirmed. Thank you all!]

We are excited to be back this year at #BuySinglit 2020 with two programmes by Oops Odelia this year.

As Oops Odelia is a reflection of our children, our Singlit programmes are most suited for families. Come experience edible elements of Singlit stories or join us in an experiential play through a thematic Sherlock Hunt with our new book - "Sherlock at Home".

We are happy to share our Singlit 2020 programmes with you here.

(1) MY Birthday Cake (Fancy Gem Biscuits) @The Little Things

Fancy Gem Biscuits are one of Odelia's favourite local snacks!

Participants for this programme are encouraged to #BYO (Bring your own) containers to pack the biscuits that they made (That is, if you cannot finish them!). As a guideline,an approximate 4 - 5 inch radius size container will do.

Here are the ticket prices:

Parent-Child ticket at $30

Each child can be accompanied by maximum of 2 adults

* Tickets are required for children above 3 years old.

** No nuts, no pork and no lard.

** Limited to 8 pairs of parent-child tickets for each session.

For every two parent-child tickets ($60) purchased for the same session, you will receive a $10 #BuySingLit voucher.

Purchase your tickets here.

(2) Sherlock at Home @MOX Katong Point

Be a child again in this family adventure just like Odelia from the book "Sherlock at Home", immerse yourselves in experiential play, and mingle with the creators of Oops Odelia in a fun storytelling and thematic Sherlock hunt session.

Here are the ticket prices:

Parent-Child ticket at $26  

*Tickets are required for children age 3 to 15. Children must be accompanied by an adult at least 16 years old and above.

For every parent-child ticket ($26) purchased, you will receive a $10 #BuySingLit voucher.

With each parent-child ticket ($26) purchased, you can purchase an additional accompanying adult ticket at $4.

Purchase your tickets here.

** Limited to 16 pairs of parent-child tickets.

Please note that tickets to the events are sold through our ticketing partner Tickikids Singapore.

Hope to see you at our Singlit sessions this year!

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