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Our Children's Reflections of the Circuit Breaker

[Updated 21 Oct 2020 with free pintables to facilitate discussions with children]

We showcased a series of illustrations in September that mark our children's reflections of the Circuit Breaker (as part of Singapore's Covid-19 measures taken from 7 April 2020 – 1 June 2020).

As we settle into the new normalcy, let us take a moment to look back at the Circuit Breaker period through our children's eyes in the following 4 aspects.

(1) Resilience

"Staying at home makes me realize that no matter how much I miss playing outdoors, I can still make the best out of what I have...

I'll make my own playground!"

In what ways did the Circuit Breaker make you or your child more resilient?

(2) New Skills

"Staying at home makes me realize that I will not miss out on learning new things.

Have you seen my new basil plant?"

Did you pick up any new skills during the Circuit Breaker?

(3) Gratefulness

"Staying at home does not stop me from chatting with Grandma and showing her my new dance moves.

All thanks to technology!"

What were you grateful for during this Circuit Breaker?

(4) Dare to Dream

"Staying at home gives me the opportunity to watch SpaceX's first crewed mission International Space Station LIVE! Space travel will be common in the future.

I want to be a space traveller!"

Have your dreams changed since Circuit Breaker?

Let us take the opportunity to sit down with our loved ones and children to talk about the year as we unwind into the year end and prepare ourselves for 2021.

Download the posters from the link below.

Circuit Breaker 2020 Reflections_for kid
Download • 3.70MB

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