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Sherlock at Home

Sherlock at Home


Did you find something special inside too? ;)


Water bottle – the one personal belonging that little ones may find themselves losing from time to time. Odelia decides to try her hand at some detective work at home when she finds her water bottle missing. How will she find her missing bottle in the end? 


Join Odelia on her search in this lovely picture book, explore the mind of a child in elementary sleuth work, and see if you can pick up some simple detective synonyms along the way!


A shout-out to preschoolers here, thank you! You are the inspiration behind this story!


ISBN: 978-981-14-3552-2

Retail Price of book: $13.90; $15.90 (comes with standard Singpost mail delivery)
Free registered mail or Smartpac delivery for orders above $25

  • Books sold are not refundable

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