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Every $150 spent on a single receipt entitles you a to a chance in our lucky draw.


The lucky draw prices include:-


  1. GRAM’S signature notepad 

  2. $25 GRAM’S Voucher (*used to offset any of GRAM'S full Monthly Programme or Term Fees. Vouchers cannot be combined for use*)

  3. Art Jamming Session for 1 (worth $55) – on selected days/slots available online (ages 6 - 12).

  4. 1 Free Trial (worth $15) for any of our GooeyGRAM (for ages 3 – 5), Little Picto (art for ages 3 – 5), or PictoGRAM (art for 6 years old & up)


Please note the following terms and conditions related to the draw:-


  1. All lucky draw prizes are not exchangeable for cash.

  2. Late payment of fees (e.g. May’s fees are due monthly in advance. Payment received after the 1st class of the month is considered overdue) will be automically excluded from the draw.

  3. Only original letters issued by GRAM’S are accepted. Please bring along the original letter to claim your lucky draw prize.

  4. All lucky draw prizes are to be used by 17 September 2016

  5. Prize letter is transferable.

  6. GRAM’S general terms and conditions apply.

GRAM'S 5th Anniversary Lucky Draw - 2016

Draw Period: 14 May 2016 (Sat) to 30 June 2016 (Thurs)

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