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The Good Composition

Composition is probably the bugbear of many students and parents. Many struggle to write a decent story and they blame it on weak vocabulary. As a result, they dive into remembering idiomatic phrases and bombastic vocabulary to dress up the fragile content. Both carry equivalent marks but vocabulary piggybacks on the content and not vice versa. Why would the fluffy, magnolia clouds matter when there’s no twist in the tale? Think about the classics. I am sure that the ominous dark clouds that threatens to engulf the beautiful, blue sky just acts as the starter to a delicious and meaningful plot.

Good composition content comes from good reading habits. Books that are read should be followed up with activity sheets that scaffold the writing process.

Here are some examples of what goes behind the scenes with GRAM’S reading and pre-writing activities.

GRAM’S weekly reading materials come in both fiction and non-fiction genres. The former comes with activity sheets which explicitly develop good writing concepts.

Picture (left) : Making Predictions

Developing good prediction skills while reading will help young writers think of their own stories consciously. This is one of the ways to develop good plot twists.

Readers who take the time to slow down and absorb the skeleton of the story (Setting, Characters, Problem & Solution) will learn to appreciate theirs when they plan for their composition.

Picture (below) : Content Development

Many young writers have problems with ‘hanging parts’ in their compositions. This activity sheet will help them with being conscious of not making those mistakes again.

Picture (below) : Cause & Effect

Young writers will learn how different voices in stories make the difference in how the story is told.

Picture (below) : Voice

A good story will always have a protagonist and an antagonist. Good vs Evil stories have never gone wrong. Young writers should also learn that protagonists need not be a person; it could also be a situation.

Picture (below) : Characters

These are just the few tools for effective writing that GRAM’S uses. Yes, it is a tedious process because writing the good composition is not easy. Executing these activities will help young writers find meaning in writing compositions instead of just going through the motions. Over time, these processes will be second nature to them and the writing will become easy. And only then will the ominous dark clouds bring meaning to the story.

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