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Happy 58th Birthday Singapore!

Smile Singapore! Happy 58th Birthday to our beloved Garden City! For this blog entry, let's celebrate the uniqueness of our vibrant nation by sharing five uniquely Singapore things, and eight amazing places you and your little ones should explore together!

Five (5) unique things about Singapore

  1. Garden City: Singapore's lush greenery and beautiful parks make it a haven for nature lovers, offering recreational green spaces to relax and unwind amidst the bustling city. This has been greatly enhanced with the Park Connector Network (PCN) linking major parks and nature areas across Singapore. Be sure to check out the nature parks & playgrounds!

  2. Cultural Kaleidoscope: Embrace the harmony of different cultures, traditions, and festivals that create a vibrant tapestry of life. It is this fabric of harmony that gives much color to the Singaporean's identity.

  3. Hawker Food: Our hawker centers are foodie paradises, where you can try out a delightful array of mouthwatering dishes that reflect our diverse culture.

  4. Summer-like conditions throughout the year: We are one of the several countries near the Equator that experience hot and tropical climates, having summer-like conditions all year round. Perfect for outdoor adventures and fun-filled days!

  5. Driven by self-sufficiency: Despite being a small nation, Singapore has achieved impressive self-sufficiency and security in areas like water and food production, showcasing our resilience and innovation.

Now, let's uncover eight (8) enchanting places you should explore growing up in Singapore:

Around Marina Barrage - Marina East Park

🏞️ Marina Barrage: This is one marvelous engineering feat commissioned by the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew on 20 November 2010. With a catchment area of 10,000 hectares, the Marina reservoir is the island’s largest and most urbanized catchment area today, providing ample water supply for Singapore. On weekends, you find families having a picnic on the green rooftop or the Bay East park, and fly kites against the backdrop of a picturesque city skyline. Read more about it here.

🚀 Science Centre Singapore: Go before it moves (originally in 2025 but Covid-19 postponed the relocation schedule to 2027)! Unleash your curiosity and dive into a world of "how-things-work" exhibits, and hands-on learning experiences.

🏮 Chinatown: Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and bustling streets of Chinatown, filled with traditional shops and delicious Chinese delicacies.

Kampong Gelam

🕌 Kampong Gelam: Stroll along the charming streets and explore quaint shops in the neighbourhood, marvel at the exquisite Sultan Mosque's architecture, and savor a delightful array of Muslim cuisines.

🎉 Little India: Get ready for a sensory adventure where you can not only enjoy the many flavors of Indian cuisine but also experience the colourful atmosphere of fresh flower garlands and creative henna painting. It is best to visit on weekdays, especially when Deepavali is around the corner, to immerse yourselves in the festive mood.

🐉 Haw Par Villa (not recommended for preschoolers) : Embark on a mythical journey through this unique theme park filled with bizarre statues depicting Chinese folklore. The villa was built as a "gift of love" from one brother to another but they opened the park grounds to public. Read about the last artisan who maintains and paints the colorful statues in the park here.

10 Courts of Hell Entrance - Haw Par Villa

🌳 Bukit Timah Hill (nearest MRT station: Beauty World): This hill is the highest natural point you can find in Singapore. And of course, very close to the home of Oops Odelia in Beauty World Centre!

🏖️ Sentosa: Need we say more?

So, dear children, let's create magical memories of Singapore growing up! Happy exploring!

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