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Fun 'Stick' idioms for sticky situations in writing

Idioms are expressions that do not exactly mean what the words literally say.

In this entry, we highlight the use of the word “stick” in some idioms that you can use in your writing.

Used as a verb, stick already has a few meanings on its own – to pierce, fix, adhere to, to stay...

When used in idioms, some of its verb meanings stick onto the idioms too.

Here are four to stick into your head!

1. Stick in the mud

What it means

Someone stubbornly sticking his or her way(s), in actions or opinions, resisting change.

How to use it

Derek is one of the stick in the mud members who has caused many delays to the project.

2. Stick one’s neck out

What it means

Standing up for someone or yourself

How to use it

Joan gained absolute respect from her peers as she was willing to stick her neck out for her best friends.

3. Stick one’s nose into (something)

What it means

To be a busybody

How to use it

"Stay away and stop sticking your nose into my affairs!" Ali yelled.

4. Get the short end of the stick

What it means

To be in a compromised position compared to your peers in the same situation

How to use it

Horace never knew why he had always gotten the short end of the stick, until that fateful day when his parents told him that he was adopted.

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